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Happy Holidays from Addison

Merry December!

{Yes, you read correctly.}

Merry MONTH of December!!!

Christmas is now only weeks away, but I find myself trying to celebrate the feeling of Christmas everyday. My husband finds this hard to do, but I think it is worth the effort.

Things that help me feel the mood of Christmas are:

1. LOTS of Christmas Music

Pandora is amazing, and Miss Delilah on FM95.5 is great too. I'm not too picky. Light-hearted music is the key.

2. Taking strolls through "Dangerous" Shopping Grounds

I won't pretend; I shop at Target and TJ Maxx...quite frequently. Elijah, don't read this.

3. Stocking up on random, beautiful gifts to give in the moment

What I mean is, these gifts stay in my car. When I drive to meet a friend for dinner, or even in passing, I reach into my car's endless trunk and feel like Santa Claus giving them a surprise gift.

4. Wearing Red and other Bright Colors

This is definitely Not the month to wear Gray. The world is gray and dull right now. I challenge you girls to brighten your day, and other people's days with bright colors. This is true. Pretty things make people happier. Be that beauty today.

5. Visit with your Loved Ones

For me this is my family and close friends, but I also think we should simply make time to be around people who make us feel at ease, people who make us feel like a fireplace is lit and warm cookies are near by. That's what I like to surround myself with this time of year.

6. Take Time for Yourself

This might be the month you feel most burdened by work or others' expectations of you. This also is a month where we worry about giving; some of us love to give, but we all are faced with money and budgeting. No matter what your pocket book tells you, I want you to buy yourself something for Christmas. I want you to take time for You. Pick a day, call it in, and breathe. You live One life here on earth. Live it peacefully.

So with that all said...

I wish you a very Merry December, and a Happy New Year!

{from my family to yours}

Addison & Elijah

SENIOR :: Miss McKenna

Miss McKenna

{  Class of 2012  }

Bright-eyed & ready-to-go, McKenna gets closer to graduation with every day that goes by.

During her shoot, McKenna's mother Mary kept commenting how grown up she is now,

that she just can't believe her baby girl is going to College!

That's why Senior Portraits are so wonderful; they help capture this grand transition from home-life to college-life.


Click to view the lo-res spreads of her new, dynamic Senior Album!

Bride + Groom Closeups :: Gretchen + Matt

Gretchen & Matt

{ Now Married! }

Here are some closeups after they tied the knot on October 1st, 2011 at the lovely Winfield Inn in Kyle, Texas.
Congratulations, Gretchen & Matt!
You make a beautiful 'married' couple!!
Photography by AddisonStudios
Venue: The Winfield Inn
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